About Altap

Altap is a privately-held software development company founded in January 1999 by Jan Rysavy and Petr Solin. Development of Altap Salamander (formerly known as Servant Salamander) started in 1996 as a hobby project by Petr Solin during his studies at university. Project becomes quickly so popular that we decided to establish Altap and work on Salamander full time.

Today our products are used worldwide by individuals, companies, schools, and institutions. The open plugin architecture of Altap Salamander enables us to work with several very talented and experienced external developers on plugins. We also work with major software houses in implementing technologies developed for Salamander (e.g. Undelete Library) into their products. Our goal is to build high-quality and useful products and support our customers.

Our office is located in Novy Bor, near the Lusatian hills in the north of the Czech Republic.