File Undelete Library: recover deleted files on FAT, NTFS, and exFAT partitions

Undelete Library is well-tested, highly stable, and easy to use library for recovering (unerasing) deleted files and directories. It was developed as component for Altap Salamander file manager and is thoroughly tested by thousands of users on variety of operating systems with different setups.

The Undelete Library is available as dynamic linked library (DLL) or statically linked library (LIB) including complete source code (Microsoft Visual C++ 2013, 2015, and 2017). It can be used with C++, C#, Visual Basic, Delphi, and other languages including .NET.

Undelete Library 4.0

Undelete Library 4.0 is major library upgrade with long requested exFAT support. We used this opportunity to update library to current technology requirements. Library is now compatible with Windows 10. Complete source code undergone thorough refactoring and testing on all supported partition types. We also fixed several reported and newly discovered rare problems on some disk topologies (large volumes, small clusters, etc.). You can find new and improved features in list below.

Undelete Library Features

  • Recover deleted files and directories from NTFS, exFAT, and FAT 12, 16, 32 partitions. (exFAT from 4.0)
  • Recover compressed (NTFS compression) files.
  • Recover encrypted (NTFS encryption) files.
  • Recover alternate data streams (ADS) on NTFS partitions.
  • Support for partial recovery on partially damaged drives. (from 4.0)
  • Very fast MFT, exFAT, and FAT scanning algorithm, fast file undelete.
  • MFT and FAT cluster bitmap reading is now 20x faster. (from 4.0)
  • Undelete files on any valid logical drive visible by your OS.
  • Mounted volumes and volumes without assigned drives are supported.
  • Support for recovery from disk images.
  • Provides file health estimation (Good/Fair/Poor/Lost).
  • Option to return first cluster of file (for forensic analyses).
  • Option to scan vacant clusters.
  • Support for partitions with up to 2^64 clusters (NTFS). (from 4.0)
  • Support for files up to 2^64 bytes. (from 4.0)
  • Support for Advanced Format (4K Native, 4Kn) with 4KB sector size. (from 4.0)
  • Support for NTFS sparse files. (from 4.0)
  • Support for NTFS and exFAT files with smaller "valid data" size. (from 4.0)
  • Support for MFT resident streams on partitions with 512B clusters. (from 4.0)
  • Supports both Ansi and Unicode interfaces simultaneously.
  • Library is thread-safe.
  • Supported (host) OS: Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. (Windows 10 from 4.0)
  • Both x64 and x86 Windows are supported.
  • Size of (compiled) Win32 DLL version: 220 KB (both Ansi and Unicode interfaces).
  • Size of source code: 500 KB (cpp, h, rh, rc).
  • Provided under non-exclusive, royalty-free license.

Pricing and Availability

Please contact us for price details, testing version, and more information.
We provide support for Undelete Library integration into your projects.

Test Undelete Library Functions Right Now

To test Undelete library, download and install latest x64 or x86 version of Altap Salamander. From menu Plugins choose the Undelete submenu. Note: You may need to start Altap Salamander as administrator. Also Altap Salamander doesn't support Unicode, but Undelete library does.

Undelete Plugin for Altap Salamander

Undelete Library test application (source code included).

Testing application for Undelete Library