Purchase Upgrade or Additional Licenses

If you have licenses for Altap Salamander 2.5 or Servant Salamander 2.0, please consider purchasing an upgrade to Altap Salamander 3.0. This is the first paid upgrade since 2001. Your payment will be used to fund Altap Salamander development, user support on our official forum, and for server maintenance. Thank you for supporting us!

If you want to purchase an upgrade or have licenses for Altap Salamander 3.0 and want to use it on more computers or to start using PictView or WinSCP Plugin or Altap Self-Extractor, please complete the following steps to upgrade your licenses:

  1. Identify your existing licenses. We recommend to switch to Altap Salamander, open Help menu, click About Altap Salamander, and click How to purchase additional licenses. It brings you back to this page with prefilled Product ID and Upgrade Code values. Then just click Continue. Otherwise you can still enter manually the Altap Salamander or Servant Salamander Product ID and Upgrade Code (if it does not exist, enter Owner) to fields provided below.
  2. Enter the new total number of licenses.
  3. Complete the purchase to receive new Altap Salamander 3.0 registration keys.
Your Existing Licenses
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Upgrade Code or Owner (What's this?)