Uninstall Unlicensed Components

Use this dialog to list all unlicensed components (plugins or their parts). The right to use these components is not included in the license of Altap Salamander, if you want to use any of them, you must obtain their licenses (see Purchase Information). You may use these unlicensed components only as stated in License Agreement. If you want to uninstall these components, select them in the Unlicensed Components listview and click the Uninstall button.

You can open this dialog using the Uninstall Unlicensed Components command from drop-down menu on the Remove button in the Plugins Manager dialog box.

Dialog Box Options

Unlicensed Components
Contains a list of unlicensed components (plugins or their parts) in currently used Altap Salamander. Use check boxes on the left side of component names to specify which components you want to uninstall.
Component Files and Directories
Lists all files and directories of focused component in the Unlicensed Components listview. These files and directories will be deleted if you choose to uninstall this component.
Buy Now...
Opens our web page for purchasing additional licenses.
License Agreement
Displays help page with License Agreement.
Click this button to uninstall all specified (checked) components. It will delete all files and directories of these components.

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