Importing Registration Keys

Once you have purchased Altap Salamander license, you can import obtained Registration Keys. You can also import Registration Keys already imported to some older version of Altap Salamander (e.g. Servant Salamander 2.0).

To import Registration Keys:

  1. Click Import Registration Keys button in evaluation mode dialog. Or open Help menu and choose Import Registration Keys.
  2. Select the Registration Keys file you want to import. It can be (version 3.0 keys), (version 2.5 keys), (version 2.0 keys), or salamand.key (version 2.0 keys already imported to some older version of Altap Salamander) file.
  3. Choose the Open button.
  4. In the next dialog box choose the Import button.
  5. Restart Altap Salamander to use newly imported registration keys. Altap Salamander will check if you have registration keys for components not covered by license of Altap Salamander (PictView and WinSCP plugins and Altap Self-Extractor) and if it finds such components without registration keys, it will offer their uninstallation (to fulfil License Agreement).

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