Servant Salamander 1.4 Changelog

Release date: November 6, 1997


  • you can customize colors, see Configuration/General
  • file filters in panels, see menu Left and Right/Filter
  • clipboard operations with files and directories, see menu Edit
  • selecting files and directories with Ctrl+ and Shift+ left mouse button
  • deleting through Recycle Bin can be inverted with pressing Shift key (if Delete key doesn't use Recycle Bin, Shift+Delete key does and vice versa)
  • optional showing of hidden and system files and directories, see Configuration/General
  • opening special folders (My Computer etc.), see menu Commands/Open Folder
  • Ctrl+Backspace key deletes whole word in the command line
  • command Calculate Occupied Space counts also physical disk space
  • directories are also sorted by name, extension or time in panels (as files)
  • you can confirm drag&drop operations, see Configuration/General
  • extended syntax of hexadecimal search patterns - you can specify text in ""
  • you can terminate preparation of operations by ESC ("Reading directory tree...")
  • problems with files with size over 4 GB
  • system icons of shortcuts are displayed correctly - with link overlay
  • problems with Novell 3.11 network volumes (absence of ".." directory)
  • problems with Add and Edit dialogs in Find Files dialog (OK button didn't work well)

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