Servant Salamander 1.6 beta 7 Changelog

Release date: December 7, 2000


  • CheckVer plug-in: check for the latest versions of Salamander and plug-ins (connects to ALTAP web page to download information about new versions)
  • hot-keys for hot-paths were moved back to Ctrl+numbers (Shift+numbers were conflicting with some national keyboard layouts)
  • context menu for columns in detailed views
  • "<up>" name for up-dir symbol was removed (it disturbs many people)
  • Full Row Select works in brief panel mode too (see Configuration/Appearance/Full Row Select)
  • you can turn off Panel Captions (see Configuration/Appearance)
  • you can turn off icon tincture in panels (see Configuration/Appearance)
  • you can turn off displaying of "archive is about to close" messages
  • long menus (menus with many items) can scroll through all items
  • you can use relative paths ("..", "\") also in archives (when unpacking)
  • drag&drop in the same directory makes "Copy of XXX" targets instead of error message
  • files are opened through salopen.exe (it bypasses shell extensions errors - directories where you have opened files could be possible to delete now) - see Configuration/General to turn this off (it is slower than direct files opening)
  • text/hex viewer: you can select line under mouse pointer using Ctrl+left mouse double click
  • text/hex viewer: correct selecting in hex mode at the file beginning
  • hidden shares are not displayed (problem only under Win9x)
  • smoother paint of items in panels
  • you can restore remembered (mapped) network connections again (didn't work under Win9x)
  • crash during listing of archive with GNU-long-names in TAR/GZip plug-in
  • crash in IEViewer plug-in (only under IE 3.02)

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