Servant Salamander 2.0 Plugins Update Changelog

Release date: November 5, 2002

UnACE 2.0 plugin

  • Support for WinACE 2.2 archives.

UnRAR 2.0 plugin

  • Support for WinRAR 3.1 archives.

ZIP 1.12 plugin

  • Handle archives over 2GB.
  • Self-Extractor is available in English, German, Czech, and Slovak languages now.
  • Special message box type for long messages can be selected in self-extractor text settings (suitable for license agreement messages). It's possible to select Agree/Disagree buttons for this type of message box.
  • Fixed problems with multi-volume self-extracting archives with non-ASCII characters from national alphabets in their filenames.
  • HTML help for ZIP plugin accessible from the most dialog boxes and from the Plugins/ZIP menu.

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