Altap Salamander 2.53 Changelog

Release date: June 25, 2010

List of most important changes in Altap Salamander 2.53 since version 2.52

  • Support for language translations. Standard package comes with English, Czech, and German translations.
  • Support for x64 pseudo-directories as C:\Windows\Sysnative or C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.
  • Several improvements in Compare Directories command (ignore DST shift, ignore masks).
  • Copy/Move dialog box: option to save default options.
  • Find: new option Full Row Select.
  • Support for accelerated mouse wheel scrolling (Altap Salamander panels, menu, viewers).
  • Plugins Manager: alphabetically sorted plugins.
  • Edit New File (Shift+F4): option to change default name.
  • Support for longer commands in command line (up to 8KB).
  • Option Use fast directory move on Novell Netware.
  • Improved Altap Salamander SDK version (trace server autostart, new samples).
  • Early Access Program has started on our support forum.
  • NEW PLUGIN: Automation - automate common tasks using JScript or VBScript.
  • 7Zip: updated to 9.10 beta. New LZMA2 method. Several improvements.
  • Check Version: better presentation of results.
  • File Comparator: up to 7x faster when comparing binary files on the same disk.
  • Network plugin: better Remote Desktop (Terminal Services) support.
  • PictView: new option "Remember path when saving screenshots, scans, clipboard pastes".
  • Registry Editor: Shift+F3 opens regedit.exe with current registry key displayed.
  • UnISO: support for compressed ISZ images, support for BZIP2-compressed DMG packages.
  • UnRAR: support for multi-part archives named .001, .002, 003, etc.

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