Altap Salamander 2.53 beta 2 Changelog

Release date: May 21, 2010

List of most important changes in Altap Salamander 2.53 beta 2

  • Completed support for language localizations. For now installer package contains English, Czech, and German language packs. Translation into other languages is possible using Altap Translator, free utility available on Altap Salamander Support Forum.
  • We would like to thank all of you who worked hard on German and Czech translations, particularly to Thomas Kelso (Thomas), Dirk Bornhütter (Nighthawk), Thomas Pagels (Silbereis), Thomas Wölk (Beta), and Gtein.
  • FAT32 file size limit was wrong: 4GB minus 2 bytes instead of 4GB minus 1 byte.
  • Preserving dates and times of directories when moving directories in scope of one drive was not working on some network drives (e.g. Samba on Linux).
  • Drag&drop in panel with WinSCP connection (copy or move files/directories in scope of one server) had wrong default drop effect: Copy instead of Move.
  • Thumbnails in panel were sometimes not displayed until manual Refresh (Ctrl+R) when Salamander was started in Thumbnails view mode, when changing thumbnail size with Ctrl+mouse wheel, or after switching view mode in panel from Tiles (Alt+6) to Thumbnails (Alt+5).
  • Copy&Paste, Drag&Drop, Copy (F5), Delete (F8), and Calculate Occupied Space (Alt+F10) in archive opened in panel: when some files from archive were changed, archive update is offered before using these commands (in previous versions commands worked directly with archive, changed files were ignored).
  • When one archive was opened in both panels, some file was changed, and then archive was closed without updating, View command in second panel still showed changed version of the file (file was not unpacked from archive again after aborted archive update).
  • Changing directory in panel using command line parameters -L, -R, and -A failed when user provides path to a file. Newly this file is focused in panel as expected.

Altap Translator

  • Freely available utility for translation Altap Salamander into other languages.
  • Dialog box layout editor.
  • Translation syntax validator.
  • Translation layout validator.
  • Export texts for spell checker.
  • Export and import translations to UTF-8 texts files for easy synchronization during cooperation on translation.
  • Quick start of Altap Salamander as translation preview.
  • Support for command line batch operations.
  • And much more, see Altap Salamander Support Forum.


  • Added support for multilanguage resources (now: English, Czech, and German).

Automation Plugin

  • Completed help on Forms.
  • Fixed double-free BSTR bug (manifests only in release builds).
  • Fixed memory leaks.
  • Displaying "Run Focused Script" in Script Popup Menu.
  • Empty ActiveRuby script crashing Salamander bug fixed.


  • Zip2Sfx was placed into ZIP plugin directory and is no longer distributed as a standalone application. Zip2Sfx is command line tool for converting ZIP archives to self-extracting archives (using Altap Self-Extractor).

7-Zip plugin

  • When moving archive file to itself or packing archive file to itself with selected "deleting files from disk after packing", the archive file was deleted after packing.
  • Updating solid archives is now supported - don't give confusing error
  • Out of memory mbox was shown in the wrong thread
  • Prevent crash when packing fails for an unknown reason
  • Don't say "archive was not created" when actually updating existing one
  • Updated to 7za version 9.12 Beta from 2010.03.24:
    1) PPMD coder rewritten to C, supposed to be faster
    2) Fixed LZMA2 compression with more than 10 threads (we are not using it yet)
  • Updated to 7za version 9.13 Beta from 2010.04.15

WinSCP plugin 1.6.4

PictView plugin


  • Messagebox with plain FTP password (Ctrl+right click in Password editbox) allows to copy the password to clipboard for easier work with the password.
  • Change in IBM AS/400 listing parsers: first row with empty file name is ignored.

ZIP plugin

DiskMap plugin

  • Fix for white screen on Windows 7 with Aero enabled when DiskMap window is restored.
  • Removed flickering on initial file enumeration.
  • Removed flickering of Directory Line during DiskMap window resize.

File Comparator

  • Very long text lines (e.g. 200800 characters) were not displayed properly.


  • Added support for CDR14+ thumbnails (which is in fact a ZIP).

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