Servant Salamander 2.5 beta 10 Changelog

Release date: September 27, 2005


  • FTP Client is finished and ALTAP Translator will be released soon. Final version 2.5 will be available in English, Czech, and German language. We will do our best to release final version 2.5 this year.
  • ALTAP web server was reinstalled from scratch, we are preparing a discussion board for better support of Servant Salamander community.
  • Servant Salamander Logo Contest will be closed in two weeks. Please don't hesitate and send us your artwork!
  • For system administrators: Windows Installer package (MSI) will be part of Servant Salamander distribution. Unattended deployment should be easy now. If you want to test beta version of MSI package, please let us know.

FTP Client plugin

  • Support for FTP proxy servers (to-do: HTTP 1.1, SOCKS 4, 4A, 5).
  • New Resume and Overwrite buttons in Solve Error dialog boxes.
  • Implemented Skip and Pause buttons in operation dialog box.
  • Support for '@' character in username.
  • Support for German IBM AIX servers.
  • Updated parsers: Microsoft IIS (Windows NT), VMS.

WinSCP plugin

  • Upgraded to WinSCP 3.7.6.
  • When file overwrite operation fails, there is option "delete and create".
  • New Synchronize option: "Selected files only".
  • Directory dependent file masks, for example '*/public_html/*.html'.
  • Please visit this page for all changes.

7-Zip plugin

UnISO plugin

  • Support for Alcohol MDF/MDS archives.

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