Servant Salamander 2.5 beta 11 Changelog

Release date: January 27, 2006


  • The winner of Servant Salamander Logo Contest is Greek artist Manolis Gerasidis. This Servant Salamander version comes with his new icon, splash screen, and about box. We believe you will get accustomed to them quickly.
  • The Official Support Forum is finally online. Please use these forums for your questions, suggestions, bug reports, or comments. We do our best to reply in one working day. We will refine the Frequently Asked Questions from this forum.
  • For system administrators: Windows Installer package (MSI) will be part of Servant Salamander distribution. We had technical issues in previous beta version but this time MSI support will be finished and we will contact you (if you sent us email).
  • We had several technical problems with our web server and workstations during last weeks. All is running well now, and we will focus on final version 2.5 finishing. The last major task is support for language translations.

Servant Salamander core

  • Special icon overlay for Offline files (files with FILE_ATTRIBUTE_OFFLINE attribute).
  • Internal Viewer: Find command speed was improved (on files opened from network path).
  • Options > Configuration > Drives: old "Removable media" split into "Floppy drives" and "Other removable drives (USB flash drives, ZIP and JAZ drives)".
  • Bottom bar: improved readability.
  • Another 20 bug fixes and 10 improvements.

FTP Client plugin

  • Support for proxy servers HTTP 1.1, SOCKS 4, 4A, 5.
  • Support for TANDEM mainframe.
  • The "connection has been lost" warning can be suppressed.
  • The panel is refreshed immediately after operation is finished.

PictView plugin

  • Success of Saving can be reported on status bar only and not always by MessageBox
  • Added support of Hemera Photo Images *.HPI
  • Thumbnailer processes alpha-channel of 32bit PiNGs & ICOns

Eroiica Viewer plugin

  • Major upgrades of reading CGM and East-Asian RTF
  • Major fixes in reading PDF
  • Various fixes in reading HPGL, HP-RTL, HP-PCL, Gerber, MS Word
  • Major fix in synchronization between WrokerThread and viewer threads
  • Fixed saving as BMP and Placeable WMF
  • Window title may contain file name only or with path

7-Zip plugin

UnISO plugin

  • Support for ISO images larger than 4GB (double-layer)
  • Minor bugfixes

TAR plugin

  • Minor bugfixes

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