Servant Salamander 2.5 beta 2 Changelog

Release date: August 29, 2003

New features

  • Operations Copy, Move, Delete, and others can be Paused and Resumed.
  • Full support for Drag and Drop is finished. You can use drag and drop to unpack from archives, pack to archive opened in panel or simply drop files on the archive file. You can drag and drop between or inside Registry Editor plugin panels.
  • Unpacking from archives using clipboard Copy and Paste commands is supported now.
  • My Documents directory is accessible from Change Drive menu (Alt+F1/2). You can hide this item in the Options/Configuration/Appearance.
  • Encrypted File System (EFS) on NTFS version 5 is supported. It provides cryptographic protection of individual files on NTFS volumes using a public-key system. You can encrypt, decrypt, and find encrypted files now.
  • Mounted drives are supported under Windows 2000 and later. Free space is correctly detected now.
  • Drive Information dialog box (Ctrl+F1) displays new flags of NTFS v.5 volumes: named streams, Encrypted File System (EFS), object identifiers, reparse points, sparse files, and disk quotas. Substed drives are identified.
  • Improved Quick Search mode. Just type t/.doc to focus names matching t*.doc* or type /.htm to focus names matching *.htm*. Slash character (/) matches any string of characters. Use Up, Down, Home, End, PageUp, and PageDown keys to navigate over matching names.
  • Hot Paths Bar provides another way to access Hot Paths.
  • New option in the Internal Viewer: Auto-Copy Selection to Clipboard. Select required text and it will be automatically copied to the clipboard without pressing Ctrl+C.
  • Better Copy performance, destination drive is less fragmented.
  • During Quick Search mode you can select using Shift+Up/Down/Home/End.
  • Change Directory dialog box accepts platform-independent paths. You can enter C:\WINDOWS as well as C:/CYGWIN/ETC.
  • You can enter to the archive using Ctrl+PageDown.
  • Quick menus navigation, press PageUp or PageDown key to navigate between separators divided sections.
  • Hot keys are dynamically assigned in the menus with history and plugin lists.
  • Improved bug reporting system.

New Disk Copy plugin

  • You can copy or replicate floppy disks,
  • create a disk image (snapshot) from floppy disk,
  • write disk image to floppy disk with verification.

PictView plugin

  • Support for animated GIFs and cursors.
  • You can select part of viewed image and copy it to the clipboard.

ZIP plugin

  • Unpack and decrypt 128- and 256-bit key AES-encrypted files (Rijndael cryptographic algorithm, Advanced Encryption Standard).
  • Unpack Deflate64 method (enhanced deflate compression method, provides greater compression and reduces the size of your Zip files).
  • Unpack large archives (Zip64) with size over 4GB.
  • Create archive to size 4GB.

Split/Combine plugin

  • Creates SFV (CRC32 checksums) and MD5 (Message Digest number 5) files.
  • Support for verifying integrity of files by using the SFV or MD5.
  • Compatible with popular md5sum utility.

Fixed bugs

  • "Unexpected value type" message during Servant Salamander start.
  • Options > Configuration > Views > Available Columns doesn't appear.
  • Problem with entering back-slash character on some national keyboards.
  • Couple of minor bugs.

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