Servant Salamander 2.5 beta 3 Changelog

Release date: November 30, 2003

New features

  • Support for Alternate Data Streams (ADS) on NTFS partitions (supported from NT 4). Alternate Data Streams are copied and moved together with the owner files and directories.
  • Create Directory command was improved: you can create multiple nested directories at the same time. Simply separate individual directory names with the backslash (e.q. newdir\suddir).
  • New sort option: Use numerical sort for numbers contained in strings. When you check this option, Servant Salamander will sort names like Explorer in Windows XP.
  • New Sort By Time option: you can put newer items on top.
  • New confirmation: Directories merge. Appears if the copied or moved directory already exists in destination path.
  • New confirmation: Do you want to close Servant Salamander?
  • Plugins Manager was improved: you can change plugin order in which they are displayed in menu and Plugins bar.
  • New Plugins bar to access plugins commands using mouse.
  • New command in Plugins menu: Last Command (Ctrl+I). You can quickly execute previous command from Plugins menu.
  • When Environment Variables are changed, Servant Salamander will reload them automatically.
  • Quick search mode on national keyboards: you can use either slash character (/) or backslash character (\) to match any string of characters. Just type t/.doc to focus names matching t*.doc* or type /.htm to focus names matching *.htm*.
  • Zoom command was improved: last panel width is restored when you return from Zoom mode.
  • CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-RW, and removable drives: label is detected from Windows instead of showing predefined "Compact Disc" etc.
  • Plugins interface of Servant Salamander was updated: calling conventions and types of return values were changed to be compatible with plugins written in Borland Builder, Borland Delphi, GNU C, Watcom C, etc.
  • Sort by Attributes is supported (Left/Sort By/Attributes command).

New Encrypt plugin

  • Creates compressed and encrypted archives (*.ENA, format specification is available).
  • Browse and extract encrypted archives.
  • Password or key based encryption, used as a base for the encryption key (algorithm designed by Peter Gutmann).
  • Strong encryption algorithms: AES (Rijndael), Blowfish, and TripleDES in either ECB or CBC mode.
  • Password hash algorithms: SHA-1, SHA-2, and HAVAL.
  • Encryption key lengths from 128 up to 448 bits.
  • Strong random number generator.
  • Secure shredding of temporary files used during View or Execute operations.
  • Main Shredder features
    • Unrecoverable shredding of selected files and directories.
    • Shredding of free space on disk.
    • Supported shredding methods: Peter Gutmann's method, DOD 5220.22-M (US Department of Defense shredding method), and Random overwrite algorithm.
    • Supports shredding on NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, and FAT12 partition.
    • Shred Cluster Tips and ADS (Alternate Data Streams) on NTFS partitions.

New WinSCP plugin

  • This plugin is provided by Martin Prikryl. WinSCP plugin is based on well-known open source project WinSCP.
  • WinSCP is a SFTP and SCP client for Windows using SSH. Its main function is secure copying of files between a local and a remote computer. Beyond this basic function, WinSCP manages some other actions with files (e.g. changing attributes, deleting, and viewing).
  • WinSCP supports two secure transfer protocols: SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) and SCP (Secure Copy Protocol). SSH version 1 and 2 are supported.
  • Please send your questions, suggestions, comments, and bug reports to

New UnISO plugin

  • Open CD image files, browse all sessions and directories, view and extract contained files. Show CD image properties in UnISO Viewer.
  • Supports standard CD-ROM formats including ISO 9660 (Level 1, 2, 3), Level 2 Long (Names up to 212 characters), Joliet, Romeo, Rock Ridge, Hybrid HFS-ISO, Apple Extensions.
  • UnISO supports CD image files, such as BIN (CDRWin), BWI (BlindRead/BlindWrite), C2D (WinOnCD), CDI (DiscJuggler), CIF (Easy CD Creator), IMG (Clone CD), ISO (Generic ISO image), NCD (NTI CD-Maker), NRG (Nero Burning ROM), PDI (Instant CD/DVD Image).

New Eroiica Viewer plugin

  • This plugin is provided by Parallax69 Software International.
  • Supported formats:
    • BLA RIS - Ruplan ASCII Format
    • CGM - Computer Graphics Metafile
    • DG - AutoTrol
    • DGN RDL - MicroStation Native Drawing Format
    • DOC DOT - Microsoft Word 6.0/95/97/2000/2002
    • DRW - Micrografx Version 1 and 2
    • DSI - Cimage
    • DWF - Autodesk Drawing Web Format
    • DWG - Autodesk AutoCAD Format
    • DXF - Autodesk Drawing Interchange Format
    • EMF - Enhanced Metafile
    • GBR GBX GRB - Gerber Native Drawing Format
    • HPGL - Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language
    • IGS IGES - Initial Graphics Exchange Specification
    • PCT PICT - Macintosh PICT
    • PDF - Adobe Portable Document Format
    • PLT RTL - HP-RTL
    • PRT - CadKey Native Drawing Format
    • PS - PostScript
    • RTF - Rich Text Format
    • SAT - ACIS text format
    • SHP SHX - ESRI Shapefile Format
    • WMF - Aldus Placeable Metafile
    • WMF - Windows Metafile
    • WPD WP WPF - WordPerfect 5.x and 6.x
    • WRI - Microsoft Write
    • XLS XLT - Microsoft Excel 5.0/95/97/2000/2002
  • Please send your questions, suggestions, comments, and bug reports to

New Windows Mobile plugin

  • Access Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone Edition, Smartphone, and Windows CE devices from Servant Salamander. Explore your mobile device's directories, view files, copy, move, delete, rename files and directories, or change their attributes.
  • Microsoft's ActiveSync software must be installed on the desktop computer to connect plugin with your mobile device.
  • Developed by Juraj Rojko.
  • Please send your questions, suggestions, comments, and bug reports to

New Multimedia Viewer plugin

  • Replacement for old MP3 Viewer plugin. Parsers are licensed from powerful tool for media cataloguing: Disk Explorer Professional.
  • Displays information about multimedia files:
    • MP3, MP2 - MPEG 1 or MPEG 2 audio files, layer I, II, and III
      Displays MP3 ID3 Tag version 1 and 2
    • VQF, 669, IT, MOD, MTM, S3M, STM, XM - Tracker Modules
  • Its modular architecture ensures that plugin can support new data formats as they become available.

PictView plugin

  • New commands: Focus, Rename, and Delete.
  • Show EXIF information about image file, such as shutter speed, aperture, focal length, etc. Use the File/Show Exif command.
  • New supported image formats:
    • 2BP - Pocket PC/Windows CE bitmap
    • CLK - Corel R.A.V.E.
    • ZNO - Digital Journal

UnMIME, UnRAR, and ZIP plugin

  • Fixed crash when reading archive.

Split/Combine plugin

  • Command Calculate CRC/MD5 creates listing including subdirectories.

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