Servant Salamander 2.5 beta 4 Changelog

Release date: February 27, 2004

New features

  • You can hide plugins displayed in the Change Drive menu (Alt+F1/2).
    Look at menu Plugins > Plugins Manager.
  • Improved support for USB removable drives, unplugging is not blocked.
  • Better handling of disk changes when using removable media. Automatic Retry on CD, DVD, ZIP disk insertion.
  • You can suppress confirmation for Email command.
  • Better Directory Merge confirmation: ask for subdirectories merge too.
  • New confirmation: Do you want to add files into existing archive?
  • Essentially optimized speed of short operations. Moving one directory on the same drive takes 100ms instead of 700ms in version 2.5 beta 3.
  • We fixed almost 80 reported bugs and made about 30 small improvements in the Servant Salamander core.

New UnFAT plugin

  • Open FAT image files, browse directories, view and extract contained files.
  • Supports standard FAT 12, 16, and 32 partitions including VFAT (Long File Names).

New Checksum plugin

  • Commands Verify Checksum and Calculate Checksum were separated from the Split & Combine plugin.

ALTAP Self-Extractor

  • Option for automatic creation of target directory.
  • Custom WWW link in bottom-right corner of self-extractor dialog box.
  • Custom vendor name in bottom-left corner of self-extractor dialog box.

Database Viewer plugin

  • Mouse wheel is supported.

DiskCopy plugin

  • Write image smaller then disk capacity is now possible.
  • Improved stability.

Encrypt plugin

  • Improved stability.

Eroiica Viewer plugin

  • Supported images in MS Word documents.
  • Fixed reading of PDF, DXF, HP-RTL, WMF, EMF, XLS, and RTF format.
  • New command: Full screen.

FileComp plugin

  • Focused difference remained focused after recompare (doesn't change to first).
  • Improved stability.

PictView plugin

  • New format supported: MNG Multiple Network Graphics.
  • Improved reading manufacturer-specific tags in EXIF. Library was updated to latest EXIF Tag Parsing Library.

UnISO plugin

  • Support for UDF (Universal Disk Format) Revisions 1.02, 1.50, 2.0, and 2.01 including VAT (Virtual Allocation Table) and Sparing partitions. UDF is a file system defined by OSTA.
  • Support for multisession IMG (Clone CD) images.
  • Improved stability.

Windows Registry plugin

  • You can use Alt+F7 to open Find dialog box.

WinSCP plugin

  • Upgraded to WinSCP 3.5.
  • Full local and remote directory synchronization.
  • SSH core upgraded to PuTTY 0.54.
  • Operation masks supported.
  • Improved stability.

ZIP plugin

  • Improved extraction of 'weird' zip files.
  • Improved stability.

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