Servant Salamander 2.5 beta 5a Changelog

Release date: May 31, 2004

We released this fixed version for beta testers who had problems with main window activation in the 2.5 beta 5 version. Please let us know if you find any main window activation related problem in the 2.5 beta 5a.

Fixed bugs

  • Main window stayed inactive after Copy/Move/Delete operations. This problem occurs only in conjunction with other installed software.
  • Drive Bar: inserted separators caused incorrect active disk indication.
  • Type column in the panel: contained random text for directories.
  • Windows Registry plugin: icons background color doesn't match the panel color.
  • UnISO plugin: some directory and file names were truncated by one character.

New features

  • List of Working Directories can be saved to the configuration. Look at History configuration page.
  • List of Working Directories: startup paths are always added to the history, even if no operation is performed.
  • Compare Directories: options are saved to the configuration.

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