Servant Salamander 2.5 beta 6 Changelog

Release date: August 31, 2004

New features

  • Disconnect (F12) dialog box was improved: you can disconnect from file systems such as WinSCP or FTP.
  • In the configuration you can suppress confirmation 'The directory doesn't exist. Do you want to create it?'. This confirmation appears when you create multiple directories together (aaa\bbb\ccc).
  • Pack (Alt+F5) command was improved: if target archive already exists, you can overwrite it.
  • When the left or right panel is Zoomed (Zoom Ctrl+F11 command), you can use the TAB key to switch between panels.
  • Directory Line: you can single click last part of current path to choose the Change Directory command.
  • Compare Directories: you can compare against file systems such as WinSCP or FTP. When comparing by contents, estimated total progress is displayed.
  • New view mode: 'Tiles' with 48x48 icons. Only simple icons are displayed in this version of Servant Salamander.
  • We fixed almost 20 reported bugs and made about 15 small improvements in the Servant Salamander core.

New FTP Client plugin

  • This version of FTP plugin is only preview version. It means that it is incomplete, we are still working on it.
  • The most important missing features are View (F3 key), Copy to FTP server (also called upload), and Quick Rename (F2 key).
  • Plugin supports active and passive transfer modes. Proxies and SSL sockets will be supported in future.
  • Please test browsing of your favorite FTP servers in panel and Delete, Change Attributes, and Copy from FTP server (also called download) operations.
  • Unfinished options and buttons are disabled, all other should work well.
  • Enjoy this preview version and let us know if you encounter anything strange or not working (except missing features described here). Thanks!

New 7-Zip plugin

  • Support for packing and unpacking 7-Zip (*.7z) archives.
  • 7z format supports LZMA compression with very good compression ratio.
  • Look at for more information about 7-Zip.

New Undelete plugin

  • You can recover deleted files from NTFS, and FAT 12, 16, 32 partitions.
  • Support for recovering compressed (NTFS based) files.
  • This version cannot recover encrypted (NTFS based) files.

Eroiica Viewer plugin

  • DXF, DWG: Better support of fonts
  • MS Word: Complex formatting fixed
  • WMF, EMF: Background of texts
  • PDF, PS: Various improvements
  • Faster response in thumbnail-mode
  • HPGL: clipping & rotation fixed

PictView plugin

  • Improved EXIF support & thumbnail-extraction
  • Format & compression options on saving
  • Histogram
  • Saving as CCITT G4 TIFF
  • Faster and better display

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