Servant Salamander 2.5 beta 9 Changelog

Release date: June 29, 2005

New features

  • Preparations for language translations (Servant Salamander and all plugins).
  • DOS Navigator color scheme is available at Options > Configuration > Colors.
  • Minor bug fixes.

FTP Client plugin

  • Upload to FTP servers was implemented.
  • Please test browsing of your favorite FTP servers in panel and Delete, Change Attributes, View files, Copy to FTP server (upload), Copy from FTP server (download), Create Directory, and Quick Rename (F2 key) commands.
  • Unfinished options and buttons are disabled, all other should work well.
  • Enjoy this plugin and let us know if you encounter anything strange or not working.

PictView plugin

  • Print command.
  • Progress bar on Save.
  • Save can be canceled with Escape.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Eroiica Viewer plugin

  • Fixed GPF: No file open, Ctrl-Left/PgUp/Right/PgDn.
  • Fixed nonsense page# in TB: no file open, hit I (inverse bground).
  • Added File-Other Files-Prev/Next/Last/First/PrevSel/NextSel, also (Shift/Ctrl)-(Back)Space.
  • Window title is now "<Clipboard> - Eroiica Viewer" when a clipboard paste is being viewed.
  • File-Reload disabled when viewing a clipboard image.
  • XLS: Partial support of merged cells.
  • Most PFltXXX.dll's: using MSVRT.dll instead of statically linked RTL.
  • Major upgrade of IGES filter.
  • Minor fixes & improvements in CGM, HPGL, PDF, XLS filters.
  • Extraction of PDF thumbnails from embedded XMP data.

WinSCP plugin

  • Upgraded to WinSCP 3.7.5.
  • Plugin utilises online help of WinSCP application (Help button is present on most of dialogs).
  • Authentication banner, if any, is shown during authentication.
  • File size can be optionally used as comparison criterion for synchronization.
  • Please visit this page for all changes.

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