Servant Salamander 2.5 RC2 Changelog

Release date: October 27, 2006


  • Help system is nearly finished and included in this RC2 version. It is approximately 600 KB of plain text, we hope it will be helpful for you. The last two chapters that remain to do: FTP Client and Internal Viewer.
  • We will change the name of Servant Salamander to Altap Salamander in the final version to make it easier to remember and pronounce. Upgrade from Servant Salamander 2.0 to Altap Salamander 2.5 will be free of charge.
  • As soon as language translation support will be finished, we will release the RC3 version with language packs and soon final version 2.5.
  • Do you have a digital camera and want support for RAW images in PictView plugin? Please look at our discussion forum how can you help us:

Servant Salamander core

  • Salamander behavior during system shutdown/log off/restart was completely reworked. The problematic confirmation message box introduced in RC1 was removed and system waits for us.
  • Shell extension salshext.dll is not placed to TEMP directory anymore. Home directory of Salamander is used instead.
  • Internal Viewer: Space/Backspace for Next/Previous file (same as in PictView plugin).
  • Better reparse points support: when you delete reparse point (junction point or mount point) only link is deleted, the target directory remains untouched.
  • Panel context menu (right-click unused space in panel): Paste Shortcut and shell extension commands (Tortoise CVS/SVN) are now displayed.
  • New User Menu variables: FileOrDirToCompareLeft & FileOrDirToCompareRight, FileOrDirToCompareActive & FileOrDirToCompareInactive, ListOfSelectedFullNames.
  • Splash Screen can be turned off: Options > Appearance > Show splash screen at startup.
  • Drive Bar content is synchronized during Refresh and Open Change Drive commands.
  • Easier Quick Search on German keyboards: you can use < key (and / and \) to match any string of characters.

PictView plugin

  • Upgrade of Canon & Nikon makernotes support in EXIF JPEGs
  • Added support for Sony, Canon, Adobe Digital Negative, Pentax Digital, Camera images ARW, CR2, DNG, and PEF
  • Extended reading ANI, DCX, DDS, PCX, PSD, and TIFF images
  • Fixed thumbnail extraction from JPEGs

Eroiica Viewer plugin

  • Added Open command to File menu and toolbar
  • Added Pan & Zoom tools
  • Major fix of PFltPDFs.dll crashes on systems with over 1000 TTF fonts
  • Fixed reading of multipage PS files (1st page was read repeatedly)
  • Added support for Apple Mac charsets in RTF & MS Word documents
  • Minor fixes in reading MS Word, MS Excel, CGM, HP-RTL, and PDF files

FTP Client plugin

  • new option in context menu and plugin's menu: List Hidden Files and Directories (uses "LIST -a" for listing hidden files and directories on Unix FTP servers)

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