Altap Salamander 2.5 RC3 Changelog

Release date: April 13, 2007


  • Help system is finished and available online.
  • We have changed name from Servant Salamander to Altap Salamander to make it easier to remember and pronounce. Upgrade from Servant Salamander 2.0 to Altap Salamander 2.5 will be free of charge.
  • Final version of Altap Salamander 2.5 will be released during April 2007.
  • As soon as language translation support will be finished, we will release updated version 2.5 with language packs.

Altap Salamander core

  • Initial support for Windows Vista. You can install, uninstall, and run Altap Salamander, import registration keys. Please report us all Vista related problems on discussion forum.
  • Support for Icons Overlays (Tortoise SVN and Tortoise CVS).
  • Transfer speed and time estimation is displayed in Copy/Move progress windows.
  • Transfer speed can be limited for Copy and Move operations.
  • Running operations can be queued using new option "Wait Until All Other Copy/Move Operations are Finished".
  • Salamander icon color (and main window title) can be changed using new configuration page Main Window or from command line.
  • Quick Rename: only name part (without extension) is selected.
  • We fixed almost 25 bugs and made another 10 improvements in the Altap Salamander core.

PictView plugin

  • Added alpha-blending of 32-bit Photoshop PSD files
  • Added alpha-blending of non-interleaved 64-bit PiNG files
  • Fixed reading of PiNGs with 16 bits per channel
  • Fixed reading of bottom-left Canon Raw CR2 images
  • Added reading of RGB and CMYK TIFFs with 2 extra channels
  • Proper distinguishing of alpha-channel of 32-bit TIFFs from spot channels
  • Partial elimination of the "small vertical shifts" problem on partial repaint of zoomed images. It should now work in most common cases, often on the expense of CPU time.
  • Fixed interpretation of APEX values in EXIF JPEG marker
  • Pipette & statusbar now take RGB values and eventually also palette index directly from image data, no longer from HDC
  • Added support of Olympus Digital Camera ORF files
  • Added support of 24bit JPEG data inside Nikon & Adobe Digital Camera Raw formats NEF and DNG, if present

Eroiica Viewer plugin

  • PostScript & PDF: Important stability fixes
  • PostScript & PDF: extended support & speed optimizations of rasters & fonts
  • DWG: Added support of hatches in R13/R14 files
  • HP-GL: Added support for custom line dash styles
  • HP-GL, HP-RTL: Rasters: fixed sizing & positioning & in some cases also R<->B swap
  • All formats: fixed polypolygon fill & outline styles
  • Office formats: improved support for Far East languages
  • RTF: added support for embedded DDB rasters
  • Added support for OpenOffice: PNG thumbnails, if present, are now extracted and shown by both the viewer & thumbnailer

Undelete plugin

  • File health estimation (Good/Fair/Poor/Lost).

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