Altap Salamander 3.0 beta 1 Changelog

Release date: November 30, 2012

  • The PictView plugin is now included in the x64 version of Altap Salamander.
    Please focus on testing PictView plugin with your images.
  • Small utility for starting File Comparator plugin from the command line, see plugins\filecomp\fcremote.exe.
  • Registry Editor is using reg.exe instead of regedit.exe for Registry exports. The UAC escalation is not needed anymore.
  • A lot of bug fixes from previous EAP version. Thank you for all your bug reports!
  • Updated roadmap for Altap Salamander 3.0.
  • Included language translations: Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, and Spanish.
  • Dutch, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, and Ukrainian translations are not finished, please consider joining the translation effort.
  • Fixed several problems reported in previous version EAP versions.
  • The x64 version of Altap Salamander 3.0 beta 1 doesn't contain some plugins: WinSCP, Eroiica Viewer, and UnACE. The WinSCP plugin cannot be prepared until x64 version of Embarcadero C++ Builder will be released. Both Eroiica Viewer and UnACE plugins are not planned for x64 version from various technical reasons.
  • Both x64 and x86 versions of Altap Salamander 3.0 beta 1 can be installed at the same time.
  • Both x64 and x86 versions are sharing the same configuration in the Registry.
  • Network copy speed up, see
  • When Salamander is started "As Administrator", it displays "(Administrator)" in main window title just after version.
  • x64 Windows and x86 Salamander: Drag&Drop and Copy&Paste from archives or file systems (e.g. FTP) to Explorer is working again (we have added 64-bit shell extension).
  • Commands Paste (Change Directory) and Change Directory (Shift+F7) trim double quotes (see and expand environment variables.
  • Completely revamped bug reporting system with minidump support and option to upload report to Altap server.
  • Create Directory: added removing of spaces from beginning and end of specified directory name.
  • Shift+F3: focused file name is selected in Windows Explorer window.

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