Altap Salamander 3.0 beta 2 Changelog

Release date: March 29, 2013

  • Google Drive icon overlay handler crashed when called from two threads simultaneously (for left and right panel), so we have added synchronization. We use this handler only for files/folders located in Google Drive folder (it is relatively slow).
  • All language versions were changed to work well with any DPI user chooses (see Control Panel: Adjust font size). Many dialogs and their controls were enlarged to prevent clipping of contained texts.
  • Copy/Move with checked "Overwrite older and skip other existing files without asking": speed up when used to copy/move from slow network disk (e.g. from virtual private network - VPN) to local disk.
  • Copy/Move dialog new option: Ignore alternate data streams (ADS). Use this option to remove unwanted ADS from copied files/directories. Use this option also when you know copied/moved files and directories do not contain ADS and you are copying/moving from slow network disk (e.g. from virtual private network - VPN), it can speed up operation drastically, detection of ADS for all copied/moved files/directories is very slow.
  • Using external packer/unpacker on path containing '$' failed due to erroneous expansion of initial directory for packer/unpacker.
  • Find window: double click and Enter key open focused file or directory (not all selected ones as in Explorer). You can still use Open command from right click context menu to open all selected files if you need it.
  • Fixed environment variables reload problem:
  • Fixed wrong TortoiseSVN icon placement in Windows XP context menu:
  • Fixed context menu icons on Windows 7 with DPI > 100%.
  • Dutch language version (incomplete - work in progress).
  • Upgrade to Altap Salamander 3.0 will be free of charge for all licenses purchased from 1/1/2012.
  • Final version of Altap Salamander 3.0 will be offered with discount to existing users.

File Comparator plugin

  • Fixed opening File Comparator with fcremote.exe while Salamander window was minimized.

Check Version plugin

  • Plugin is not auto-unloaded when Save configuration on exit option is turned off and plugin configuration is changed. It is now possible to keep changed plugin settings.
  • Added link with option to ignore specified module version.

FTP Client plugin

WinSCP plugin

TAR plugin

  • Don't touch OldGnuHeader if archive is not OldGnu format.

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