Altap Salamander 3.0 beta 3 Changelog

Release date: August 29, 2013

  • Copy files on Windows 7 and later: we have added faster asynchronous algorithm for copying files to/from network. Its speed on our local GLAN network is 111 MB/s, conventional algorithm speed is 86 MB/s. It affects also moving of files in case you are not moving in scope of one volume (then it is just rename, not copy and delete). Asynchronous copy algorithm is also optimized for network drives accessible via VPN (Virtual Private Network). It uses smaller blocks (size depends on current copy speed), so progress is smoother and you can cancel operation instantly. If you experience any troubles with this algorithm, let us know and then you can disable it, see Configuration / General: Copy files: use faster asynchronous algorithm on network.
  • Copy files: when copy operation is interrupted (e.g. network is disconnected or you eject flash disk during copying), Salamander offers to retry copying (it continues where copy operation was interrupted, it's especially useful for long transfers via VPN or other network). Newly Salamander checks end of unfinished target file against source file to detect potential write errors, so retrying copy operation is much safer now. It checks for approx. 3 seconds (e.g. it's up to 90MB on my flash disk or up to 300MB on my network disk or up to 2MB on my VPN).
  • User Menu: reading icons for menu items in separate thread, so it does not delay start of Altap Salamander even if icons are placed on network drives or encrypted drives. Until reading of icons is finished, User Menu contains just simple icons but you can use it as usual. See
  • Support for progress bars in Windows 7 and 8 taskbar buttons.
  • Change Drive Menu and Drive Bar newly contain items for most popular Cloud Storage Services. Currently we have supported Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft SkyDrive.
  • Hot paths are available in Altap Salamander jump list (Windows 7+ feature).
  • Copy dialog: if you have "Preserve owners and permissions" as default and start copying from FAT32 drive (e.g. USB flash disk), it is no longer trying to preserve owners and permissions (it is not supported of FAT32).
  • If filename contains ':' (impossible on Windows, but possible on unix), Salamander reports error instead of working with ADS (Alternate Data Stream).
  • Fixed missing 'SystemDrive' environment variable that caused problems during starting various software (for example Visual Studio *.SLN) from Altap Salamander:
  • Windows 8: fixed broken command Open With invoked from the context menu. and
  • Paths for left/right/active panel passed in command line parameters are expanded (environment variables), it is possible to use %APPDATA%, etc.
  • Fixed disabled look of "owner draw" buttons.
  • Flat progress bars look.
  • Compare Directories: compare by content is faster (up to 100%) for large files (more than 5MB) on Vista+.
  • Drive Information: it has displayed incorrect used space and free space for volumes with enabled disk quota.
  • Copy/Move: when it finds link (junction point, symlink, or volume mount point) you can choose if you want to follow the link and copy files and directories from link target or if you want to skip link target and just create empty directory.
  • Support for Windows 8.1.
  • Chinese Simplified translation is finished, including Altap Self-Extractor.
  • Upgrade to Altap Salamander 3.0 will be free of charge for all licenses purchased from 1/1/2012.
  • Final version of Altap Salamander 3.0 will be offered with discount to existing users.

Automation plugin

  • Fixed bug that caused Altap Salamander to crash when executing Python scripts. See
  • Some blocking operations (Form, Sleep, MsgBox etc.) can now be aborted
  • Improved plugin stability when using Ruby scripting engine

File Comparator plugin

  • Fixed displaying of long text lines with differences (over 4681 chars).

FTP Client plugin

  • Upload of empty file (zero bytes) over encrypted connection (SSL) has failed on some FTP servers because our client did not encrypt data-connection for empty files. We have fixed it to encrypt all data-connections. See

UnRAR plugin

  • Support for new RAR 5 format.

WinSCP plugin

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