Altap Salamander 3.0 beta 3 Changelog

Release date: November 29, 2013

  • New option in Unpack dialog: Delete archive after unpacking.
  • Waiting up to half second for finishing of reading of icons for user menu, it often prevents collision with reading of icons for panels and Salamander is starting more smoothly. Moreover icons for user menu which are read on background have higher priority than icons for invisible parts of panels.
  • Console version of WinRAR 5.0 supported.
  • Command line parameters -L, -R, and -A can contain paths to archives which can be expanded up to 520 chars (long path in archive on long path). Whole command line limit is 4096 chars now.
  • Fixed getting of location of Microsoft SkyDrive local folder on Windows 8.1. Better displaying of files which are available online-only (they were hidden together with hidden and system files).
  • Archivers Autoconfiguration dialog seems good also if some button is wider than others (e.g. in Hungarian or German language version).
  • Changing directory in panel to Sharepoint 2010 server share (UNC path) just reports error ERROR_BAD_NET_NAME (67). This UNC path was accessible only after opening in Explorer. Fixed, opening in Explorer is not needed.
  • Jump list didn't work with hot paths containing variables such as $[USERPROFILE]\Desktop, $(SalDir), etc.
  • Fixed rare error in reading of icons for panels (icons on network paths could not be always updated).
  • Fixed working on long paths (up to 260 chars) in archives placed on long paths (up to 260 chars) on disk. It works in hotpaths, jumplist, target of copy/move, Compare Directories, title of main window, and copying of path to clipboard.
  • Fixed scrolling with some Synaptics touchpads.

Checksum plugin

  • Support for SHA-512 (from SHA-2 family, based on FIPS 180-2 standard).
  • Hot keys Ctrl+C, Ctrl+M, Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, and Ctrl+5 to copy CRC, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, and SHA-512 hash to the Clipboard.
  • Fixed SHA hash names: SHA1 -> SHA-1, SHA256 -> SHA-256, etc.

File Comparator plugin

  • If two compared files have the same bytes, File Comparator reports that they are identical. If it just cannot find any difference (all differences are ignored: encoding, white spaces, etc.), it reports only that files appear equal.

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