Salamander Object

The Salamander object is the root object of the Altap Salamander Automation object model hierarchy. It never needs to be instantiated before invoking its properties and methods, and it is always available from any script file.


Name Description
AbortScript Forces script execution to stop.
DebugBreak Breaks into the debugger.
ErrorDialog Displays dialog box with an error message.
GetFullPath Returns absolute canonical path for the specified path string.
GetPersistentVal Retrieves value from the persistent storage.
InputBox Allows the user to input a text.
MatchesMask Matches file name against the specified file mask.
MsgBox Displays a message in a dialog box.
OverwriteDialog Displays file overwrite confirmation dialog box.
QuestionDialog Displays dialog box with a question.
SetPersistentVal Saves value accross script invocations.
Sleep Suspends script execution for a specified length of time.
TraceE Sends an error message to the Altap Trace Server.
TraceI Sends an informational message to the Altap Trace Server.
ViewFile Opens file in the associated viewer.


Name Description
AutomationVersion Gets the Automation plugin version number.
Forms Contains methods for creating user interface.
LeftPanel Gets instance of the Panel object representing the left panel.
ProgressDialog Gets instance of the ProgressDialog object representing the progress dialog.
RightPanel Gets instance of the Panel object representing the right panel.
Script Retrieves the ScriptInfo object that contains information about currently running script.
SourcePanel Gets instance of the Panel object representing the source panel.
TargetPanel Gets instance of the Panel object representing the target panel.
Version Gets the Altap Salamander version number.
WaitWindow Gets instance of the WaitWindow object representing the wait window.
WindowsVersion Gets the Windows operating system packed version number.

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