Running Your Scripts

There are two options to run your scripts. You can either save your script to the script repository or you can run arbitrary script.

Running Scripts from Repository

Automation plugin looks into the script repositories for available scripts. Such scripts are placed to the Automation plugin menu and are available from Plugins menu, from the Plugin Bar, or using Automation Open Script Menu command (Ctrl+Shift+A).

Script repositories are directories (including subdirectories) that could be set up in the configuration.

Default searched repositories are: $[AppData]\Altap\Altap Salamander\Automation\scripts, $[AllUsersProfile]\Altap\Altap Salamander\Automation\scripts, $(SalDir)\plugins\automation\scripts. $(SalDir) is full path of the Altap Salamander directory, $[ENV_VAR] is value of environment variable (replace ENV_VAR by the environment variable name).

It is possible to assign a shortcut key to the frequently used scripts in the Plugin Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box.

Running Arbitrary Script

To run arbitrary script, just focus the script file in a panel and select Run Focused Script from the Plugins or Script menu.

Aborting Script Execution

You can abort running script at any time using the Abort Script toolbar button or the Ctrl+Break keyboard shortcut.

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