CSV Options

You can customize reading of CSV files in this dialog.


Separator: Auto-select, Tabulator, Semicolon, Comma, Space, Other
Specify a character which separates values in rows. Auto-select tries to find out automatically what character is the separator.
Text Qualifier: Auto-select, Double Quotes, Quotes, None
Specify if text values are surrounded by some quotes or not. Auto-select tries to recognize automatically is the file contains text values with or without quotes.
First Row: Auto-select, As Column Names, As Data
Select how to use the first row in CSV file: as column names or as data. All other rows in file are always used as data. Auto-select tries to detect if the first row contains column names rather than data, but it's not always possible (e.g. when all columns contain text values, it's impossible to distinguish between value and column name, because both are text).
Set as Default
Click this button to set the current options as the default for all future viewings of CSV files.

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