Converting Text Values

Text values in database files can be stored in various code pages. If you want to see them readable, you may need to convert them to ANSI code page (it depends on current regional settings). The viewer supports these conversions by the following commands:

  • Auto-Select: if checked, the viewer tries to autodetect needed conversion,
  • Don't Convert, custom conversions (they are defined in CONVERT directory in Altap Salamander installation), OEM-ANSI, and ANSI-OEM: currently used conversion is checked (Don't Convert is checked if no conversion is used), you can choose any conversion from the list,
  • Set as Default: use this command to set the current conversion as default for all future viewing (it also turns off Auto-Select),
  • Next (the F8 key): try to use next conversion from menu (you can try to go through all conversions to choose in which conversion the text values are best readable),
  • Previous (the Shift+F8 key): try to use previous conversion from menu.

You can find all described commands in viewer menu Convert.