Opening Previous or Next File from Panel or Find Window

When there are several database files in one directory in a panel or the found files list in the Find window, you can use the View command for any of them and then view all others in the same viewer window one by one using the following commands:

  • Previous (the Backspace key): open the previous database file,
  • Next (the Space key): open the next database file,
  • Previous Selected (the Ctrl+Backspace key): open the previous selected database file,
  • Next Selected (the Ctrl+Space key): open the next selected database file,
  • First (the Shift+Backspace key): open the first database file,
  • Last (the Shift+Space key): open the last database file.

Note: all these commands work only until you change the content of the panel or Find window from which you opened the viewer.

You can find all these commands in viewer submenu: File/Other Files.