Keyboard Shortcuts

There are many hotkeys defined in File Comparator. These can speed up your work with File Comparator. You can find all the functions in menu together with associated hotkeys, so you can learn hotkeys just in time of use. Take this list as overview of all hotkeys, not as something you have to know to use File Comparator efficiently.

General Shortcuts

Press To
F2Turn on/off caret in text mode
F4Turn on/off detailed differences view in text mode
F11Toggle fullscreen
MToggle fullscreen
OCompare files
Ctrl+OCompare files
RRecompare currently opened files
Ctrl+RRecompare currently opened files
CCopy selection to clipboard
Ctrl+CCopy selection to clipboard
DTurn on/off view mode in which only differences are displayed
Ctrl+DTurn on/off view mode in which only differences are displayed
WShow white space
Ctrl+WShow white space
Ctrl+HSplit horizontally to top and bottom views
,Maximize left (top) file view
Ctrl+,Maximize left (top) file view
.Maximize right (bottom) file view
Ctrl+.Maximize right (bottom) file view
ESize left and right (top and bottom) views equally
Ctrl+ESize left and right (top and bottom) views equally
HWorks like Left Arrow key
JWorks like Down Arrow key
KWorks like Up Arrow key
LWorks like Right Arrow key
BWorks like Page Up key
FWorks like Page Down key
GScroll to file begin
Shift+GScroll to file end
Alt+DActivates differences combo box
EscapeClose File Comparator or cancel current operation
Page UpScroll to previous page
Page DownScroll to next page
Ctrl+UpScroll to previous line
Ctrl+DownScroll to next line
Ctrl+HomeScroll to file begin
Ctrl+EndScroll to file end
Ctrl+Page UpScroll to file begin
Ctrl+Page DownScroll to file end
Ctrl+InsertCopy selection to clipboard
Alt+UpFocus previous difference
Alt+LeftFocus previous difference
Alt+KFocus previous difference
PFocus previous difference
Alt+DownFocus next difference
Alt+RightFocus next difference
Alt+JFocus next difference
NFocus next difference
Alt+HomeFocus first difference
Alt+EndFocus last difference
TabToggle active file view (for caret mode)
Ctrl+TabCycle between maximized left (top) view, right (bottom) view, and both views
Ctrl+Shift+TabCycle between maximized right (bottom) view, left (top) view, and both views

Following shortcuts applies only when caret is hidden

Press To
UpScroll to previous line
DownScroll to next line
LeftScroll to previous column
RightScroll to next column
Ctrl+LeftFast scroll to previous column
Ctrl+RightFast scroll to next column
HomeScroll to file begin
EndScroll to file end

Following shortcuts applies only when caret is shown

Press To
UpMove caret to previous line
DownMove caret to next line
LeftMove caret one character left
RightMove caret one character right
Ctrl+LeftMove caret to previous word begin/end
Ctrl+RightMove caret to next word begin/end
HomeMove caret to line begin
EndMove caret to line end
SpaceFocus difference under caret (if any)
Shift+SpaceFocus and select difference under caret (if any)

To select text hold the shift key down while moving caret.

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