Add/Edit Proxy Server

Allows you to specify new settings for a proxy server or change existing settings. A proxy server is an intermediary between local network (intranet) and the Internet. Contact your network administrator if you are not sure how to specify these settings. This dialog can be opened using the Add or Edit button in the Advanced Options dialog box or Configuration/Defaults.


Choose some name (for future reference) for these settings for the proxy server.
Choose the type of the proxy server.
Specify the address (usually IP address) of the proxy server.
Specify the port where is the proxy server listening (waiting for clients).
User name, Password, Save password, and Unlock
Enter user name and password used to authenticate to the proxy server. If your proxy server does not require authentication, leave these edit boxes empty. You can also leave only the Password edit box empty and the FTP client will ask you to enter the password just before connecting to the FTP server. If you want to save the password to the settings for the proxy server, check the Save password check box. IMPORTANT: You should protect your saved passwords by the Master Password otherwise they can be easily displayed in this dialog or decrypted by malicious software that have infiltrated your computer, see Using Password Manager for more information about saved passwords and related security risks. The Unlock button is displayed when you need to enter the Master Password to access the password. To clear the inaccessible password use the Clear Password command from drop-down menu on the Unlock button. To show the password hold the Ctrl key and right click to the Password edit box.
Login script
You can see here a login script for chosen FTP proxy server type (all types except SOCKS 4/4A/5 and HTTP 1.1). The login script defines how the FTP client should communicate with the FTP proxy server to connect to the desired FTP server. The FTP proxy server acts as an FTP server. The FTP client connects to it and sends it all required parameters: user name and password for proxy server (optional), address and port of desired FTP server, and user name and password for this FTP server. The FTP proxy server connects to the desired FTP server and forwards all commands and replies between the FTP client and the FTP server. The plugin supports many FTP proxy servers, you can choose from them in the Type combo box. If your FTP proxy server is not supported, choose the User Defined type of the FTP proxy server (in the Type combo box) and write your own login script (see Login Scripts for FTP Proxy Servers).