Getting Started with FTP Client Plugin

The FTP Client plugin allows you to connect to and browse FTP servers; copy files and directories from or to FTP servers (also known as download and upload); change access rights (attributes), view files, and delete files and directories on FTP servers. It supports many types of FTP servers (Unix, Microsoft IIS, Netware, VMS, MVS, IBM iSeries/i5 (AS/400), IBM z/VM, etc.), all common proxy servers (firewalls), and compression of data transfers (MODE Z).

The plugin also supports FTPS, i.e. FTP-SSL for SSL-encrypted communication. More precisely, it supports the AUTH TLS command. Such variant of FTPS is sometimes called FTPES, i.e. FTP with Explicit SSL. The plugin uses the same certificate stores and validity verification algorithms as Internet Explorer. All trusted certificates can be viewed in the Internet Options Control Panel. FTPS uses OpenSSL libraries.

See File System and Menu Extension sections in Using Plugins for a description of basic work with file system plugin and menu extension.