Viewing Multipage Images

Some image formats (e.g. TIFF, ICO, ANI, CDR, AWD, DCX, OFX, QFX, MBM, HMR, HPI, BMI, PEF) support storing more images (pages) in one image file. You can use the following commands for such images:

  • Previous Page (the Ctrl+Page Up key): view the previous page,
  • Next Page (the Ctrl+Page Down key): view the next page,
  • First Page (the Ctrl+Home key): view the first page,
  • Last Page (the Ctrl+End key): view the last page,
  • Go to Page (the G key): display a specific page without going through all intermediate pages

Note: It is not possible to view specific page of an animated GIF.

You can find all described commands in viewer submenu: View/Multipage Images.