Image Properties

This dialog displays the following image properties:

  • Page: the current image (or page) and total number of images in multi-image files.
  • Width: image width in pixels.
  • Height: image height in pixels.
  • Colors: maximum number of colors or bit-depth of the current image as stored in the file. When reading an image, PictView downgrades it to at most 24 bits per pixel and at most 8 bits per color component.
  • Size in memory: size of uncompressed image in memory,
  • File size: size of image file on disk. This file size includes all images and non-image data stored in the file.
  • DPI: resolution of image in dots per inch, if known.
  • Format: image file format.
  • Compression: compression used for this image.
  • Comments: additional information, such as presence of alpha channel, image tiling, interleaving or directly image comments as stored in the file.

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