Searching in Windows Registry

You can search keys and values in the Windows registry. Specify what text or regular expression are you matching in names of keys or values, or in data of values.

To search in the Windows registry:

  1. Open the Windows Registry Search dialog box:
    Menu:Plugins/Registry Editor/Search in Windows Registry...
    Context menu:Open context menu in panel (right-click or Shift+Alt+F10) and choose Search...
  2. Specify what you are searching for in the Search for field.
  3. Specify where you want to search in the Look in field. If you open the Windows Registry Search dialog box from a panel with an opened path to the registry, this field is initialized to this path.
  4. If you need to specify some advanced options, select the Show Options check box.
  5. Choose the Find Now button.
  6. Found items are visible in the Found Items listview. You can press the Space key on a found item to focus it in an active panel.

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