Changing Attributes of Files and Directories

This command allows you to change file and directory attributes such as read only, archive, hidden, system, compressed, and encrypted. You can also change date and time of last modification, creation, and last access to the file or directory. Attributes are part of the directory information the operation system maintains for each file and directory. This information helps the operating system identify a file or directory and controls the kinds of tasks you can perform with the file or directory.

To change attributes of files and directories:

  1. Select the files and directories whose attributes or dates and times you want to set.
  2. Open the Change Attributes dialog box:
    Menu:Files/Change Attributes...
    Shortcut key:Ctrl+F2
    Toolbar:Choose the Change Attributes button on the Top, Middle, or Bottom toolbar.
  3. Select or clear the check boxes for the attribute settings.

    When you select more than one item, check boxes appear in the third state if the attribute for the items is not set alike.

  4. Select the check boxes for dates and times you want to set and enter their values.
  5. Select the Include subdirectories check box if you want to change also attributes or dates and times of files and directories contained in selected directories.
  6. Choose the OK button.

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