Changing Name Case of Files and Directories

This command allows you to change name case of the selected files and directories to lower, upper, partially mixed (the name part in mixed case, the extension in lower case), or mixed case. It is possible to choose if the name case should be changed in whole name, only in the name part, or only in extension. This command can be optionally applied also to all files and directories contained within selected directories.

Types of Name Case:

Name Case Type From To
Lower case mY docuMENT.tXt my document.txt
Upper case mY docuMENT.tXt MY DOCUMENT.TXT
Partially mixed case (name in mixed, extension in lower) mY docuMENT.tXt My Document.txt
Mixed case mY docuMENT.tXt My Document.Txt

To change name case:

  1. Select the files and directories you want to change.
  2. Open the Change Case dialog box:
    Menu:Files/Change Case...
    Shortcut key:Ctrl+F7
    Toolbar:Choose the Change Case button on the Top, Middle, or Bottom toolbar.
  3. Select desired name case.
  4. Select which parts of file name should be changed.
  5. Specify if to include files and directories contained in selected directories.
  6. Choose the OK button.


This command is handy if you need to unify style of file and directory names or if you need to transfer files and directories from a case-insensitive file system to a case-sensitive file system.

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