Plugin File System Path Specifier

The plugin file system path consists of a plugin file system name, ':' (colon) delimiter, and a plugin specific path. The plugin file system names can be found in the Plugins Manager dialog box, see line FS Name. The plugin specific path is completely defined by plugin, there are no limitations for this path (except maximal length of 259 characters).

Samples of Plugin File System Paths:

Plugin File System Path Description FTP Client plugin: server, path /pub/altap/salamand[SSH.DOCS] FTP Client plugin: server, path ANONYMOUS_ROOT:[SSH.DOCS] FTP Client plugin: server, listening on port 21, login: user+password, path /path/on/server
scp://Prague server/home/user WinSCP plugin: SCP session Prague server (session contains server address, protocol, authentication, etc.), path /home/user
sftp://altap/etc/ssh WinSCP plugin: SFTP session altap, path /etc/ssh
DEL:C:\UTIL Undelete plugin: recovering files from path C:\UTIL
REG:\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Altap Registry Editor plugin: key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\­Software\Altap
CE:\Windows\Start Menu Windows Mobile plugin: path on connected mobile device: \Windows\Start Menu