Starting Application or Opening Document

You can use Altap Salamander to start your applications. You can start an application by opening a program file or document file from the panel, Command Line, or User Menu. Program files almost always have a .EXE, .COM, .PIF, .CMD or .BAT filename extension. Document files are associated with applications and are represented by special icons in the panel.

To start application or open document:

Using panel:Focus the filename in the panel and press Enter, or double-click filename, or open context menu (right-click or Shift+F10) and choose Open.
Using Command line:Type filename to the Command line and press Enter. See Working with Command Line.
Using User Menu:You can place frequently opened documents or application to the User Menu. See Using User Menu.

To open document with particular application, drag the document filename onto the application. Application may be filename in the panel, button in the User Menu Bar, or icon on the Windows desktop.

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