Hot Paths

Allows you to manage Hot Paths used for accessing frequently visited directories.

Dialog Box Options

Defined Hot Paths
Lists all the Hot path names you have defined. Checked Hot paths will be displayed in the Change Drive menu.
Specifies directory path for selected Hot path. It can be path to disk, archive, or plugin file system. It is possible to use symbolic variables such as $(WinDir), $(SysDir), and $(SalDir) that will be expanded to Windows directory, System directory, and Salamander directory. It is also possible to enter $[ENV_VAR] to expand environment variable ENV_VAR. In case you want to enter character $ into path, you need to enter it twice.
Open this page when Hot Path is assigned from panel
When checked, this configuration dialog will be opened when Hot path is defined from the panel (use Ctrl+Shift+number to assign Hot path).