Main Window

Settings related to appearance of Main Window.

Dialog Box Options

Show splash screen at startup
When checked, the splash screen with Altap Salamander logo and version is displayed when starting Altap Salamander.
Show icon of Altap Salamander in the Status area of Taskbar
When Altap Salamander is minimized, the taskbar button is removed from the taskbar. Instead, an icon is displayed in the status area of the taskbar, near the clock. A click on this icon restores Altap Salamander window.
Display current path in main window title as
When checked, the current path in active panel will be displayed in the main window title. You can choose if it should be shortened or shown as full path or if you want to display only directory name.
Custom text prefix in main window title
When checked, the specified text will be used as a prefix in the main window title bar. You can use it for example to differentiate instance of Altap Salamander started "As Administrator". This option can be overridden using command line parameters.
Icon color
It is possible to choose different icon color for the main window. It is intended for situations when the color of the default icon conflicts with icons of other applications or when you need to distinguish between more instances of Altap Salamander (for example one of them can be started "As Administrator"). This option can be overridden using command line parameters.
Note: to change the color of the shortcut icon on your Desktop or in the Start menu, right-click it, choose the Properties command and click the Change Icon button.