Customize appearance and behavior of panels in this page.

Dialog Box Options

Hide files and directories with hidden or system attribute (Ctrl+H)
Select this check box to hide hidden and system files in the panel. When checked and current directory contains these files or directories, symbol for filter (filter) appears in the Directory line.
Include directories to select/unselect operations
This option affect operations Select using masks, Unselect using masks, and Invert selection. See Selecting Files and Directories.
Show names
Allows you to specify how to display names of files and directories.
Show sizes
Allows you to specify how to display sizes of files and directories.
Redirect typing from panel to Command line (hold ALT for Quick Search)
When checked, typing will be redirected from panel to the Command line; for Quick search you must use Alt+letter. Otherwise typing in panel evokes Quick search. This option is provided only for compatibility with Norton Commander. Non conservative users should clear this check box. Quick search is very frequently used function and should be easily accessible.
Use Shift+number for go to Hot Path (it conflicts with national keyboard layouts)
When checked, Shift+number is used for go to Hot path command. Otherwise Ctrl+number must be used for go to Hot path command.
Right-click to open context menu (hold CTRL to select/unselect)
When checked, context menu appears on right-click in the panel; Ctrl+right-click will perform select/unselect operations. Otherwise right-click performs select/unselect operations and Ctrl+right-click brings context menu. See Selecting Files and Directories. This option is provided only for compatibility with Norton Commander. Non conservative users should select this check box. Context menu on right-click is standard behavior in the Windows.
Rename by slowly clicking the name twice
When checked, you can rename files and directories directly in panel when you click on a focused name. If the name is not focused, click the first time to focus it, wait a moment (to prevent opening file or directory by double-click) and then click the second time to rename it.
Cancel drag&drop operations shorter than X ms
When checked, drag and drop operations will be canceled if they are finished in shorter time then the value specified in the box. It should prevent users from unwanted drag and drop operations.
Sort strings with respect to Regional Settings
When checked, names in the panel will be sorted with respect to Regional settings (e.g. "ha" is less then "ch" in the Czech regional setting), otherwise standard ASCII table will be used for sorting.
Use numerical sort for numbers contained in strings
When checked, it tries to detect numbers in names and sort according to the values of such numbers. E.g. when this is turned on, you will see 2.txt followed by 10.txt (2 is less than 10), if turned off, you'll see 10.txt followed by 2.txt (character '1' precedes '2').
Sort by Time order: newer items on top
When checked and items in panel are sorted by time, items will be sorted in descending order (newer items on top).
Sort by Time: sort directories by name
When checked and items in panel are sorted by time, directories will be sorted by name (only files are sorted by time).
Treat directories as if have extensions (also show extensions in Ext column)
When checked, directories will be sorted as if they have extensions (normally extensions do not exist in directories names). Moreover directories extensions will be displayed in separated Ext column (show this column in Configuration/Views). If you want to see the difference, sort panel by extension.