Unpackers in Unpack Dialog Box

Allows you to manage unpackers used for Unpack command.

Dialog Box Options

Displays a list of all unpackers used for Unpack command.
Unpack with
Unpacker used for selected unpacker name. It can be either external program or plugin.
File masks
File masks used to choose unpacker for selected archive when Unpack command is used. You can use also wildcard character '#' in these file masks. It stands for any digit ('0' ... '9').
Unpack archive
When external program is used for unpacking, Command specifies file name of used external archiver. Using of variable from External Archivers Locations is recommended when unpacker is known in Altap Salamander. Arguments are parameters passed to the external program.
Support long names
Check this check box when external archiver supports long file names. Otherwise clear this check box and Altap Salamander prepares MS-DOS 8.3 file names.
Need List of Files in ANSI Charset
Check this check box if external program used for unpacking files requires list of files in ANSI charset (some Win32 archivers). Clear this box if it requires list of files in OEM charset.