User Menu

Allows you to manage User Menu commands used for executing external programs.

Dialog Box Options

Menu Contents
Lists all the User Menu commands you have defined. Placing an ampersand (&) before a letter in the menu item text makes the letter an accelerator key.
When checked, the current command becomes a start of a submenu. The name of the command is used as the name for this submenu. All commands between current command and Submenu End command (it's added automatically) will be placed in the submenu. Submenus can be nested, so you can create any structure of the User Menu. To move existing menu command to the submenu: focus this command and use buttons with arrows in Menu Contents toolbar or the Alt+Up and Down Arrows keys.
When checked, name of command will be ignored and item signify separator in the User Menu and in the User Menu bar.
Change Icon
Icon associated with command. You can change this icon by clicking Change Icon button.
Specifies path to the executed external program.
Specifies additional arguments for the external program each time you start it. The maximal length of command with arguments depends on Windows version and if you are executing command through shell or not (see Execute through shell check box later on this page). See Customizing User Menu for limits overview.
Initial directory
Specifies the working directory used for the external program.
Execute through shell
When checked, command is executed through system command shell. The executing through the system shell is useful for console-oriented applications with some interesting output and for execution queues (pipes, redirected input and output, etc.) Otherwise is command executed directly from Altap Salamander as a new process. The direct execution is good for windowed applications.
Open shell window
When checked, specifies that the command shell window will be opened when command is executed.
Close shell window
When checked, specifies that the command shell window associated with the tool will close when you close the executed program.
Show item in User Menu bar
When checked, User Menu command is shown in the User Menu bar.

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