Allows you to define content of the Altap Salamander panels.

Dialog Box Options

Defined Views
Lists all of defined views. Details of selected view are displayed in the rest of this dialog. You can rename (the F2 key), delete (the Delete key), and change position (the Alt+Down or Up Arrow key) of views in this list. Use toolbar above list or keyboard shortcuts.
Available Columns
Contains list of all columns in the selected view. Check the columns you want to see. This list is disabled when no named view is selected or type of selected view is not detailed.
Fixed column width in left/right panel
Only for detailed views. When checked, fixed width of selected column in left/right panel can be set (usually it's set by dragging column right edge in the Header line). Otherwise it will be automatically calculated to fit the longest value in the column. You can change the column to fixed/automatic width also using Automatic Column Width item in right-click context menu on column header in the Header line.
Set smart mode: Left/Right panel
Only for detailed views. When checked and the Name column has not fixed width (previous option must be turned off), it tries to narrow the Name column (if needed) to reduce horizontal scrolling in panel. It helps in situations when you have few files with very long names which cause that other columns are displayed far on the right side (often behind panel right edge, so you must scroll to the right to see values in these columns). You can turn on/off smart mode using the Ctrl+N key in panel. Or using Smart Column Mode item in right-click context menu on Name column header in the Header line.