Configuring Altap Salamander

Configuration contains settings from Configuration dialog, main window position, panel widths and current directories, and other options. To configure Altap Salamander, open Options menu and choose Configuration. Then select required dialog box in the tree box. Change options you want to configure and click the OK button.

Saving the configuration

To save configuration to the registry use command Options/Save Configuration. By default, configuration is saved automatically when you are closing Altap Salamander. To change this behavior, open General configuration page and clear the Save configuration on exit check box.

Exporting the configuration

You can export Altap Salamander's configuration to the file. Choose the Options/Export Configuration command. If you save the configuration to a file named config.reg and place this file to installation directory (near salamand.exe) or in Vista or later rather in application data directory (typically C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Altap\Altap Salamander), that configuration will be imported from this file to the registry before loading Altap Salamander's configuration from the registry.

The configuration file is a simple text document; you can easily edit it with any text editor. Administrators can change this file to suit their needs, then place it in a network installation of Salamander, and Salamander is then ready to use in network environment.

When exporting configuration, you can choose if you want to add clearing of registry key with configuration (it takes place before importing keys and values). Use this option if you want to use exported configuration file to fully replace current configuration in registry. If you just want to change some values and leave the rest of the current configuration in registry without change, clear this option. All keys and values from the file overwrite current values in registry. If you delete some values from the configuration file, you'll avoid overwriting the users' values (users will have their own values - it's useful for window positions, and other not-important-stuff).

Importing the configuration

You can import Altap Salamander's configuration from the file. To get such file, see previous section about exporting configuration. You can import configuration from other computer or just return to previously exported configuration to undo some unwanted changes.

Importing the configuration is quite simple. Just find the file with configuration and open it (use Enter key or double-click on it). It should be opened in Registry Editor. When it shows question if you want to add information from the file to registry, you should close all running instances of Altap Salamander. It will prevent overwriting of newly imported configuration by automatic save of configuration on exit of Altap Salamander. When there is no running Altap Salamander, press Yes in Registry Editor question message box. Then it will import the configuration from the file to registry.


Altap Salamander's configuration is stored in the Windows Registry: 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Altap\Altap Salamander X', where X is Altap Salamander's version.