Connecting to and Disconnecting from a Network Drive

You can use Altap Salamander to connect to and disconnect from network drives. Once you have connected to a network drive, you can specify whether or not to reconnect to the drive each time you log on to Windows.

Use the Disconnect command also to close currently opened plugin file systems. You can select more connections or plugin file systems and so disconnect them all at once.

Important If you are logged on as a member of the Administrators, Server Operators, or Backup Operators groups, you can connect to a computer's administrative root shares, for example \\SERVER\C$. Administrative shares are not displayed by the Shared Directories box in the Connect Network Drive dialog box.

To connect to a network drive

Menu:Commands/Connect Network Drive...
Shortcut key:F11
Toolbar:Choose the Connect Network Drive button on the Top, Middle, or Bottom toolbar.

To disconnect from a network drive or close currently opened plugin file system:

Shortcut key:F12
Toolbar:Choose the Disconnect button on the Top, Middle, or Bottom toolbar.

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