Make File List

Use this dialog box to create the list of selected files and directories. The list can be saved to a specified file, to the clipboard, or opened in the Internal Viewer. Format of lines in the list can be specified.

Dialog Box Options

Specify the format string for lines of the list. Build the format string from your text and the variables contained in the context menu which can be opened by clicking the button on the right side of the Line field. You can set the width of the variable value to some fixed number of characters or to 'max' (to fit to the longest value). For example: "$(FileName:20)$(TAB)$(FileSize)$(CRLF)" or "$(FileName:max)$(TAB)$(FileSize)$(CRLF)". If you need to write a dollar character ($), type it twice (e.g. "$$30 utility $(FileName)$(CRLF)"). Use the drop-down list to select previously used format string.
Destination: Clipboard, Internal Viewer, File
Choose the destination for the list. If you want to save it to the file, specify here also its filename.
Append to file
When selected and the specified file already exists, output will be appended to the file instead of overwriting it.

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