The smallest unit of information handled by a computer. One bit expresses a 1 or a 0 in a binary numeral, or a true or false logical condition. A group of 8 bits makes up a byte, which can represent many types of information, such as a letter of the alphabet, a decimal digit, or other character. Bit is also called binary digit.

bits per second (bps)

The number of bits transmitted every second, used as a measure of the speed at which a device, such as a modem, can transfer data. A character is made up of 8 bits. In asynchronous communication, each character is preceded by a start bit and terminates with a stop bit. So for each character, 10 bits are transmitted. If a modem communicates at 2,400 bits per second (bps), then 240 characters are sent every second.

brief mode

The displaying mode of Altap Salamander panel. Each item appears as a small icon with a label to the right of it. Items are arranged in columns. See also detailed mode.