default button

In some dialog boxes, the command button that is selected or highlighted when the dialog box is initially displayed. The default button has a bold border, indicating that it will be chosen automatically if you press enter. To override a default button, you can click Cancel or another command button.


The background of your screen, on which windows, icons, and dialog boxes appear.

destination directory

The directory to which you intend to copy or move files and directories.

detailed mode

The displaying mode of Altap Salamander panel. Each item appears on its own line, with information arranged in columns. The leftmost column contains the small icon. See also brief mode.

dialog box

A window that is displayed to request or supply information. Many dialog boxes have options you must select before Altap Salamander can carry out a command.


Part of a structure for organizing your files on a disk. A directory (also called a folder) can contain files and other directories, called subdirectories or folders within folders.

directory tree

A graphical display of a disk's directory hierarchy. The directories and folders on the disk are shown as a branching structure. The top-level directory is the root directory.


The state of a control in which normal functionality is not presently available to a user (also referred to as grayed, dimmed, and unavailable).


A physical data storage device attached to a computer.


To rapidly press and release a mouse button twice without moving the mouse. Double-clicking carries out an action, such as starting an application.

DOS name

See short name.


To press and hold a mouse button while moving the mouse.

drag-and-drop operation

A technique for moving, copying, or linking an object by dragging. The destination determines the interpretation of the operation.

drive icon

An icon in the Change Drive Menu that represents a disk drive on your system. Different icons depict floppy disk drives, hard disk drives, network drives, RAM drives, and CD-ROM drives.

drop-down menu field

A form field that presents a list of selections in drop-down menu style. A drop-down menu form field can be configured to permit the selection of many fields or a single field.